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Explore Our Key Offerings:

Multilingual Content Localization

(English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean and 20+ more)

Did you know only 4.6 % of the world's population speaks English as their native language?

Business Team
Executive on demand
(Executive as a Service)

Introducing OpenCollab's Executive on Demand Service: Empowering Your Business with Expertise

Global PR service (20+ languages)

PR service with guaranteed placement into major news channels in targeted countries

Outsourced industrial product design and manufacturing

Transform your ideas into innovative products with OpenCollab, where design excellence meets cost competitiveness in the world's factory, Shenzhen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

- OpenCollab Expansion Services

Q1: Who are the target customers of OpenCollab?
A1: Our target customers are individuals in decision-making positions at startups or young companies based in the US, EU, Australia/NZ, or other reliable countries with language and legal compatibility. These customers are seeking to expand their business in Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Q2: What are the needs or problems that OpenCollab aims to solve for its customers?
A2: The primary need of our customers is to set up operations swiftly in Korea and Japan while keeping the costs to a minimum. OpenCollab aims to address these challenges by providing a one-stop solution that allows customers to quickly establish a local presence and start generating revenue at a comparably low cost.

Q3: How does OpenCollab solve its customers' problems?
A3: OpenCollab offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our one-stop solution includes market study and feasibility study, creating a local business plan with budgeting, developing an execution plan, setting up a project team, assisting in company formation, sourcing local senior staff, acting as external directors or corporate secretaries, obtaining necessary local licenses, providing PR services, and offering translation and localization services.

Q4: What is the timeline for setting up operations in Korea and Japan?
A4: The timeline for setting up operations can vary based on the industry and scope of operation. While basic company setup and preparation can be done within a month, all functional aspects, including supply chain, communication, marketing, and branding, can be prepared within six months. This innovative and efficient approach offers customers a faster and more cost-effective solution compared to traditional international expansion processes.

Q5: Can OpenCollab provide guidance on the minimum cost required for expansion?
A5: OpenCollab follows an "Openbook"approach, striving to present customers with potential costs while also offering solutions that fit within their budget constraints. We believe that startups and small businesses should not be discouraged or deterred due to high localization costs. Our aim is to provide solutions that are both high-quality and cost-effective.

Q6: What does "one-stop" solution mean in the context of OpenCollab's services?
A6: "One-stop" solution means that customers enter into a service contract with OpenCollab, and we take care of all necessary tasks to set up operations ​and help to grow business in the local markets on their behalf. While we provide comprehensive support, we aim to avoid becoming a direct agent of the customer to manage liability issues. Our function is similar to that of an accelerator, offering comprehensive assistance and solutions for successful market entry and growth.

Q7: What is OpenCollab's goal in providing expansion services?
A7: OpenCollab's goal is to go beyond being a traditional business service provider. We aim to offer turnkey solutions, enabling our customers to explore the potential of Asian markets without significant financial burdens or risks. Our approach is akin to offering customers a risk-mitigated and budget-friendly "test drive" opportunity to explore and expand into one of the largest overseas markets in Asia.

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