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Startups and growth stage tech companies seeking to launch, move, or expand Asia's operations

We are  here to help you!

"Test drive" your opportunity to explore and expand into one of the largest overseas markets in Asia

Consider Opencollab as your Asia growth team!: Unleash your growth potential in  Asia, the driving force behind half of the world's economy! Don't let different business culture, language, or local regulations stand in the way of your success! Introducing OpenCollab, your ultimate passport to connect with Asian customers effortlessly.

  • Asia is already home to more than half the world’s population.

  • Out of the world’s 30 largest cities, 21 are in Asia.

  • 50% of growth in consumer demand is coming from Asia over the next decade.

  • According to The Financial Times, the Asian economy, has become larger than the rest of the world combined in 2020, for the first time since the 19th century. 


         Source: Financial times and McKenzie


Increasing the Odds of Successful Growth: The critical prelude to moving "Beyond the Core and Away from Home"

Welcome to OpenCollab - Your premier boutique international accelerator, offering a game-changing combination of expertise and tailored solutions to fuel your entire business growth journey. Our commitment to professionalism ensures that we are your trusted partner every step of the way.


Explore Asian markets effortlessly with our turnkey solutions. Experience risk-mitigated, budget-friendly opportunities for expansion. Your path to success in overseas markets starts here. 

Reach out to us, and let's discuss how Opencollab can help your business achieve sustainable growth.


Unlock your business's full potential with   "OpenCollab AcceleratePlus"  a powerful and innovative module based solutions,  driving growth in global markets, especially in Asia.

Unlocking the International Market:
Mastering the Soft Landing

Expand your business into distant international markets with confidence through "OpenCollab AcceleratePlus" Services  in Asia, encompassing Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia .

Choose Your Path to Rapid Growth:


Customize Your Growth Journey:
Select Your Venture-Building Needs (Module-Based)

Locate  JV partner

Company setup


Global IR (Virtual)

IDM: Industrial Design+ 


Executive on demand


Market research

Rep office operation

(Korea & Japan)


Multilingual PR

(by professional journalist)

Advisory Board

Content Localization 

  (20+ languages)

Gov. approval & License

B2B Business Develoopment 

Your Growth Builder  + Mix and match modules

We help you architect, incubate, accelerate, and grow your company from idea to scale with modularized and plug and play services to support your overseas market entry and related ideation, planning, and execution process. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the common challenges you may face on this journey and have curated best-in-class resources to meet your needs.

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