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Multilingual Content Localization

"Unlock Your Content's Global Potential:   From 0.7% to 24% or Even 40% Worldwide Reach!"

Is English-Only Content Hindering 96% of the World's Population?

It is estimated that only approximately * 370 million people, which accounts for around 4.6% of the global population, speak English as their native language. By offering content exclusively in English, companies effectively exclude a significant portion of their potential customer base. To bridge this gap, it is crucial to acknowledge that the majority of customers prefer interacting with businesses in their native language. 

*   Based on a BBC News article, India claims to be the world's second-largest English-speaking country, with around 10% or 125 million people speaking English. Adding this number may increase the ratio to 6.18%.

 Isn't it puzzling that your company, which exports products worldwide and conducts business in 50 countries, still has a website available only in English (4.6%), Korean (0.7%), or Japanese (1.6%) ?

Make a simple wish today, and next Monday when you return to work, your website will have undergone a magical transformation! What once reached only 0.7% of the global population will now captivate 24% or even 40% or more of potential customers worldwide. Experience the Cinderella effect on your website with our powerful and compact marketing message!

Open the Door to Global Success: Watch Your Website Reach New Horizons! Our Multilingual Campaign will Connect You with a Vast Audience, Unleashing Your Business Potential. Don't Miss Out - Empower Your Website and Flourish in the Global Marketplace!

Supercharge Your Marketing:   Impactful Content Localization for Business

Marketing Materials (Ads, Campaigns, etc.)





PR Materials (Press Releases, Media Coverage, etc.)



1) Higher response rates due to accurate targeting

2) Increased positive brand awareness

3) Attracting and retaining customers

1) Opportunity for coverage in local media outlets 

2) Positive perception by local stakeholders

3)  Increased brand credibility

Social Media Content


1) Increased sharing and spreading on local platforms  

2) Generating interest with culturally-appropriate content   

3) Enhanced customer engagement

1) Increased local traffic and user engagement

2) Reduced bounce rate and higher conversion rates

3) Growth in revenue and profits:

4) Increase of Audience: English (4.6%) → Eng, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (23.6%)→ Add Spanish and German (40%)

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